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Renewable energy development

reNRG Partners (“reNRG”) is a renewable energy development firm. We develop high-quality utility-scale solar energy and battery storage projects that are environmentally responsible, make good neighbors, and meet the unique needs of the local community. reNRG also offers tailored ESG solutions to corporations and institutional investors through renewable energy development.

We have an extremely experienced team composed of industry leaders, each with a specific skill set critical to the development of renewable energy.

Additionally, reNRG has a technology platform that is unique in the industry. It provides us with a customized and comprehensive information technology backbone that integrates our development activities with our budgeting, accounting, and bill payment activities. It is a substantive and durable competitive advantage.

Our experienced team, technological advantages, and flexible structure allow us to capture the most attractive opportunities in solar development and the greater renewable energy space.

What we do

Solar Energy Development

We have a repeatable and process-driven approach to originating best-in-class projects.  It all starts with our proprietary grid analytics technology, which provides us with a bird’s-eye view of grid capacity in the US. After identifying all feasible points of interconnection in a region, we rigorously screen the surrounding land, filtering for over 40 different environmental, build, and boundary impediments. The end result is a ranked list of target properties that are ideally suited for solar development. Acquiring the right land is the crucial first step towards a successful project.

Once we have settled on a location, we oversee all aspects of early-stage development, including negotiating real estate agreements, transmission studies, interconnection agreements, regulatory approval, transmission permitting, generator permitting, and PPA approval. Throughout this entire process, we work with industry leading environmental consultants and engineers to ensure that we can construct a project without harming the surrounding area.

Battery Storage Development

Energy storage will play a critical role in supporting an increasingly renewable electric grid. Storage is a perfect complement to solar, charging when energy is abundant, and supplying the grid when renewable sources go offline. We are actively pursuing opportunities in bundled solar and battery storage, as well as standalone storage.

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Our mission

We seek to develop utility-scale solar energy and battery storage projects to meet the world’s ever-growing need for renewable energy. We acknowledge that temperatures are rising around the globe and causing our climate to change. We hope to build carbon-free, affordable, and resilient energy sources which can mitigate and prevent these changes from taking place, and provide a sustainable source of power for generations to come.

We simultaneously strive to strengthen the local communities in which we develop renewable assets. We view each project as an opportunity to invest in the local community. We hope to stimulate local job growth while providing residents with a clean, reliable, and low-cost source of electricity.

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